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Something you deserve, not something you must demand

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Full-time service from a full-time partner

OptimarStette workers
OptimarStette is itself a full service team and OptiService is a vital player from the very beginning. The way we play the game, however, there is no final whistle – we’re here to stay and to help you at a moment’s notice.

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Comprehensive, reliable, guaranteed

Optimar’s innovative service plans are designed to ensure you stay up and running or quickly recover if you aren’t.

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Prevent a minor problem from becoming a major crisis

Problems can and will occur, especially when it is run at full capacity in extreme conditions in even more extreme environments.

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Order at your convenience

The OptiService OnlineShop is another example of Optimar’s constant quest for innovative ideas that save you time, energy and money – even at the most basic nuts and bolts level.

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Beyond the call of duty?

Helge bilde
"Optimar can’t help you avoid a catastrophe, but they CAN help you recover in record time!" Read more testimonias...